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♥ Our love will never be erased ♥

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New Blog New Life ♥

Yeap :)
I have created a new blog for my bloggie :)
The reason why is that I don't wanna to use this hotmail account anymore :)
and I wanted to change my style of bloggie :D

Give me a footprint there ! :)

This blog link will give you a better recognition, I guess :)


I am back ♥ Happy Valentines

听着一首很舒服,很松的一首歌。Last Order by Yoga (original: 陈奕迅)


从早到晚不是低落就是哭泣~ 什么也做不了。
但是今天去了亲戚家就ok了 :)
希望事情也可以这样结束 :)
babe Yan, 你也不要不开心了哦
你要知道,不开心的时候,我一定会在你的身旁支持你。所以不用担心 :) 你要加油。

因为我有一堆很好很好的好朋友 :)
我对你们的爱,永远都不分高低,只希望我在你们的心目中也占有一个小小的地方。 :)
刚才ruby说的话,我真的很感动的哦。 宝贝,谢谢你。对,你就是要记得,无论如何,我就会在这里,默默地支持你。当然还有你,我的宝贝Ida,不要不开心了哦。其实不太大件事 :) 虽然我明白那种感觉 ;) 但是你永远都是我坚强的宝贝。你是可以的 :) 所以,不要不开心,因为有我爱你 :)


而没有情人的,也不需要不开心,因为你们要记得你们的身边有你们的好友 :)

大家,加油哦 :)))


Happy Birthday to Yann ! ♥

Happy Birthday to my beloved babe ! :)
Yann Wong :)
Stephy & Yann ♥
It was 13th Jan, 2011.
her exact birthday :)
we decided to go Yunhan's house to open a steamboat party
because the little Yann wanted to swim :)

so there we go :)
before we go to Yunhan's house in the morning..
we go Tesco to buy Tomyam stuff
and eat Tutti Fruity @ The Curve :D
nice frozen yogurt :)

then we headed to Yunhan's house and played in his room :)

then we started our steamboat.
only Tomyam because it doesn't have two sides. :)
we chat a lot :)
Stephy, Yann, Melissa, Eunice, Yan, Hoong, Yunhan there :)

plan goes well..
although it is raining, we still go to swim anyway :P
before we get down to the swimming pool. Mr. Yunhan is cleaning the pool :P

the little pity Yann that pushed by Eunice XD
the birthday present she gave you :P

we had fun :)

a lot people come afterward..
Daphene, Jia Jia, Renee, Thomas, Cheng Fai, Vincent, Jeffrey, Lock :)
Girls. :D

don't know why, we play with our hair :))
which sides of my hair is nicer? @.@
thanks to my hair stylish, Eunice Toh Sze Theng XD

group photo :)

surprise birthday cake then appear in a dark situation :))
the light turn back on for picture purposes. :P
first surprise achieved :))

Then we off to Sunway Gizza for dinner :)
Yann choosed FullHouse.

second surprise there :)
best friendship book :)
putted under the Full House menu.
but she didn't realize even she saw the book !
OMG she is so stupid :P
Second surprise achieved :)

Stephy, Melissa, Yann, Eunice, Yan, Renee :)

Cheng Fai, Chien Hoong, Jeffrey, Vincent, Yunhan

Girls again :)

Group photo :)

the birthday boy and girl :)
Cheng Fai & Yann
Happy Birthday !

Vincent so bad :(
ouch :((((

Girls :)

Boys :)

Hubby boy :D
Group photo :)

then we headed home :)
Eunice fetch Yann back home :)
when she reached her room....
third surprise :D

Happy Birthday to you ♥
Hope that you will like your celebration for this year !
yeah, I am trying to remind you that you're 19th :P

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thanks ! :)


Outing with Ida babe & Yan babe ! ♥

oh YES !!
I finally got the photos from Ida :)
I start to like to use others camera to take pictures :P
you know why?
cause I can ask her to upload ASAP :P
instead of me doing it =X hahaha ! I am such a devil ! :D

I called my babe Ida for an outing :)
and she said YES ! :D
hurray ! there we go :)
Yan too, she accompany me to see wardrobes !
still wondering which to buy ! haih ~

Yan accompany me to furniture shop and she mentioned about Ikea.
and then... I feel like going to Ikea at THAT HOUR !
unfortunately, Ida need to work until 8pm.
It will be too late if we go Ikea after 8pm ~
so I decide to change my plan again :D (just to have a relaxing dinner ! )

MISSION : I drove to Leisure Mall @ Watson to find her
result: She was very surprise when I appear in front of her all of the sudden. It is because she thought we meet at her house :) ngek ngek XD

then we off to Kuchai Lama.

the fish head noodles shop !!!

my dad brought me once, but I don't even know where it is located !

I found it !
OMG XD I love it so much :D

I wonder why the pic is so blur @.@
I ate shang har yu wat noodles :P

I am so full ~
but we off to Snowflakes to eat dessert !

that's good.
I wanted to try it ! cause it is very popular.
and then

when I reached there.


there was crowded with people !

we still need to search for a place !

I keep asking.......

I was very curious, seriously !
and then I have chosen the best seller ~
in order to eat the nicest dessert there.

but the result is not what I expected.
I can say
it's not THAT nice until so many people rush for it.
so far I know..
it is a very healthy food :)
but it is quite common anyway.
snowflakes' fans please don't kill me :P

okay ! let's the pictures do the talk :)

something that is very attractive there :P
we can sit at our place, when our desserts are ready.
this UFO will beep :D

and we camwhore when we are waiting for our desserts :P
Ida and I :D

Yan and I :D
I used to be crazy =X

I always like these kind of pose :P
I am too cute and then she copy me :'(
(before the dessert come)
our dessert CAME :)
I asked Ida to share but she refused ! :(
omg ! it is so hard to finish a BIG BOWL of fish noodles and BIG bowl of dessert lagi :(

(we don't miss you anymore Ruby XD )

me :)

and then we go home :)))
what a nice night with two of you ! :D
Ruby, I failed to date you out :(
our three persons' outing nieh T-T

click on nuffnang please ! :D
thank you very much ! :)